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DATWYLER Newsletter - August 2020


Dear Business Partner, 
In data centres there is a growing demand for high-speed and high-density infrastructure solutions, which at the same time are also flexible enough to cope with future modifications and upgrades. Datwyler’s answer to this is the “High-Density Data Centre Solution” (HD-DCS), a fibre optic system solution which satisfies every possible requirement in this respect.
Also in data networks for the office environment the trend is towards ever higher transmission rates. While 10 gigabits per second set the standard here for a long time, the suppliers of copper cabling systems are pressing ahead with work on solutions for 25 and even 40GBASE-T, which allow links of more than just 30 metres.
In June ISO/IEC published a Technical Report: TR 11801-9909:2020. This describes how 25 Gbit/s can be transmitted over 50 metres (and more) without having to forego tried and tested RJ45 connection technology. Datwyler has developed a solution for this as well, and we introduce it to you in this Newsletter.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information – either by telephone or email.
Kind regards,
Your Datwyler team

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The HD-DCS comes as a package
25G – for office and data centre
For patient welfare
Event: Micro and mini data centres


The HD-DCS comes as a package

Solution includes cabling, components and accessories

A Datwyler “HD-DCS” modular solution provides the necessary network flexibility and great scalability in the smallest space. It saves rack space and enables intelligent connection configurations. It is therefore the ideal solution for fibre optic data networks, especially in data centres...

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25G – for office and data centre

New 25GBase-T solution from Datwyler

Available from Datwyler as of now are “CU 7725 4P” data cables, which can transmit up to 25 Gbit/s and provide an extended frequency range up to 1300 MHz. Users who install the high-end data cables together with the “KS-T8” RJ45 module benefit from a combination which forms an especially future-proof solution – in the office environment as well...

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Case Studies:

For patient welfare

Cutting-edge technology from Datwyler in a Riyadh hospital

In order to maximise the functionality of medical technology, the AMC Hospital in Riyadh opted for high-performance IT infrastructure solutions from Datwyler, among them an end-to-end fibre optic solution, including direct connections for the medical equipment, and a pre-fabricated data centre solution for the hospital's computer centre...

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Micro and mini data centres

Free English webinar

We would be delighted to have you take part in our free webinar “Data Centre: New, Existing & Evolving, Micro & Mini Data Centres”, (late) on 12th August. This webinar will be conducted by Ihab Gazawi, the Head of Datwyler Data Centre Experts...

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